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Sharing & Caring Food Pantry

Type Other: Free Pantry with Refrigeration
Address 106 Gates St., White River Jct., VT
Description The Sharing & Caring Food Pantry is a free, supplemental food program that is available at all times in all weather for anyone! We strive to provide quality, nourishing food for all. Our pantry is unique in that we also have a refrigerator. Keeping this mission in mind, we stock a wide variety of nonperishable items, fresh produce, milk, bread, and other occasional forms of dairy/protein. We also provide pet food and personal care items.
Contact Hannah Cerasoli (hccelie@gmail.com)
Shipping Address White River Jct. United Methodist Church
Sharing & Caring Food Program
106 Gates St.
White River Jct., VT 05001
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Sharing & Caring Food Pantry Photo 1 Sharing & Caring Food Pantry Photo 2