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Rose Street Food Pantry

Type Other: Our pantry is 5 feet high, with 4 cupboards for food. It is a cabinet that Henry Gutman designed.
Address 1226 Rose Street, Berkeley, CA 94702
Description Free standing Free Food Pantry that provides a way for the people in our neighborhood to share extra food with each other, including fruit from our fig, guava and Meyer lemon trees. We distribute PPE and cotton socks in the pantry and at night we put warm food and sandwiches and water for people who are living on the street and in their vehicles. We also installed a message board inside on the top cubby so people can leave notes for each other.
Contact Veronica Van Gogh & Henry Gutman (veronica@eastbayangels.org)
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Rose St Food Pantry
1231 Rose Street, Berkeley, CA 94702
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