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Konza Cupboard

Type Other: Food, hygiene items, and books
Address 361 Grant Ave.
Junction City, KS 66441
Description Konza Cupboard is located at Konza Prairie Community Health Center in Junction City, KS. It was built by Macy Sabo and her dad for her Girl Scout Gold Project. She collaborated with the health center, a local artist (painting to come), and other community programs to initiate and sustain the pantry . It contains food, recipes, hygiene items, and books. It is open to anyone needing items, and we accept food & monetary donations. Come & visit!
Contact tsabo@kpchc.org
Shipping Address Konza Cupboard
361 Grant Ave
Junction City, KS 66441
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Konza Cupboard Photo 1 Konza Cupboard Photo 2