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A Helping Hand

Type Little Free Pantry
Address 1. 423 w 1st
2. Mel Ray trailer park
by mailboxes (at the corner of Polk City Dr and Polk City Court if using a GPS)
3. 1313 NW Beechwood
4. 4807 NW 5th
5. 1003 SW 3rd
6. 2081 SE Windover Dr
7. 602 SE Delaware:United Church of Christ
8. 317 SE Trilein Dr: Presbyterian church
9. 801 SE Belmont
10.1510 W 1st: Ankeny Funeral Home
11. 517 SW Des Moines St: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
12. 517 SW Elm St: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

*****ALL IN ANKENY, IOWA 50021
Description We have 12 boxes currently in Ankeny. We started a FB group,https://www.facebook.com/groups/1118145104924543/
We have over 1,200 members and the community is doing awesome at keeping them full! We raised money to pay for the materials and a volunteer built them and the Boy Scouts installed them. We have everyone from School groups to Nursing Homes who donate.
Contact linda franklin (cre8beauty2@gmail.com)
Shipping Address 806 SE Chaparal Drive
Ankeny, Iowa 50021
Email Steward
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