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Pitt-Greensburg Little Free Pantry

Type Little Free Pantry
Address Millstein Library, 2nd Floor, 150 Finoli Drive, Greensburg, PA 15601
Description Our students face several challenges. Food insecurity is one of the most important “hidden” challenges. To help them, Pitt-Greensburg has installed four Free Little Food Pantries on campus. The Pantries are in the lobby and along the walkway of the 2nd floor of the Millstein Library. They offer a new resource for folks affected by food insecurity and ways for the University community to directly assist them
Contact Al Thiel (ajt58@pitt.edu)
Shipping Address Al Thiel, Free Little Food Pantry, 150 Finoli Drive, Greensburg, PA 15601
Email Steward
Pitt-Greensburg Little Free Pantry Photo 1