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Larry's Faith Fridge

Type Other: Combination Free Pantry / Free Library / Blessing Box
Address First Presbyterian Church
121 East St North
Claremont MN 55924
Description Larry's Faith Fridge is a large vintage refrigerator that no longer functions, and was modified and given a new fun and funky paint job to serve as a combination Little Free Pantry and Little Free Library in Claremont MN. The Faith Fridge is located outside the First Presbyterian Church.The upper section of "Larry" contains non-perishable food items, hygiene and craft items. The lower section of "Larry" holds books. Freely accessible 24/7
Contact claremontpca@aol.com
Shipping Address Any donations for the Faith Fridge can be mailed to the church secretary at the following address:

First Presbyterian Faith Fridge, c/o Robyn Ryan
411 East Street North, Lot 233
Claremont MN 55924
Email Steward
Larry's Faith Fridge Photo 1 Larry's Faith Fridge Photo 2