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Bill's Locker On Lenox Avenue

Type Other: It's a Locker that features a Little Free Pantry, Little Free Library, and Little Free Clothing Clos
Address 4115 Lenox Avenue, Lincoln. NE, 68510.
Description Bill's Locker was built in honor and memory of William (Bill) and Linda Booe, and their service to others in their lifetimes.
Bill was a volunteer fire fighter, EMT, and 911 dispatcher. Linda was an LPN. Both also served as Scoutmasters and were advocates for the elderly and low income citizens. This locker features A little free pantry, library, and clothing closet, all in one location.
Contact Chris Booe (theofficiantchrisbooe@gmail.com)
Shipping Address 4115 Lenox Avenue, Lincoln, NE, 68510.
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